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Articles in "Politics"

Congressional subcommittees to meet next week regarding 2010 budget.

22nd Special Session of Congress starts today.

Chief calls 22nd Special Session Monday to focus on budget crisis.

One-twelfth spending restriction will not apply to employee salaries and Christmas bonuses

Congress members said Oct. 26 meeting was not illegal

Former gaming CFO Bill Leonhart claims he was terminated 21 months prematurely after Million Dollar Elm CEO Neil Cornelius was hired.

Shackelford left to go play golf when other members of Congress discussed dollar amounts in Chief Gray’s budget

Congress sends budgets back to committee to trim $6 million from Nation’s spending.

Potential budget reductions will be revisited in another Special Session of Congress starting Monday

Doors to congressional chambers dead bolted Tuesday while members of Congress discuss budgetary cuts

Nancy Pillsbury Shirley rejected by Congress 

Assistant Principal Chief denied access to congressional bills

Congress overrides the veto, expected to hold a special session later this month

Board would be responsible for Nation’s non-profit foundation

Congress to vote on amendment that would instate a Primary Election, and bill to track campaign finances

Congress has appropriated more than $92.8 million in tribal funding to date with more than $56.4 million in the bank on deposit as of Aug. 31