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Principal Chief John Red Eagle to run for one of the twelve regional vice president positions

A holiday that began under the Jim Gray Administration continues

Congress questions merit market survey bonus payments and fairness employee salaries

Board holds appreciation dinner for residents; Final regular board meeting before election is Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.

Three things attorneys stressed: Power of Attorney, leaving a Will and making a Revocable Trust for your Osage headright

Principal Chief John Red Eagle’s special assistant, Linda Teeman, reported for alleged abusive behavior

Case delayed due to congressional investigation

Honor Dance for Osage women Oct. 19

Gov. Mary Fallin unwilling to compromise with Osage Nation

ON Congress to hold eighth special session starting Oct. 21 with 'Meeting of the Select Committee of Inquiry and to issue its report' listed on proclamation

A column on how Native Americans can navigate through the Federal Exchange Marketplace and the Indian Health Service

ON Congress passes the Nation’s FY 2014 budgets before adjourning; Executive Branch to report on federal government shutdown’s impact on tribal departments relying on federal funds

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett has appointed Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise Board Chairwoman Stacy Laskey to the Greater Tulsa Area Indian Affairs Commission

The Osage Nation’s two-year-old merit-based employment system is back in the spotlight after an ON Congressional committee voted to table a $1.5 million bill earlier this week, which would fund increases in employee base salaries citing concerns with the Nation’s revenue status.

The Osage News candidate debates for the chiefs will be held at the Hominy Co-op building Feb. 1-2

Statue of Chief Bigheart to be sculpted by Osage Congressman John Free from proceeds of the celebration

Up to 12 grants of up to $40,000 each will be awarded this year

Committee recommends appropriation bill cuts or delays; 2013 Tzi-Zho Session in final week

Congress mulls budget spending cuts and reductions as of Day 16 of the Tzi-Zho Session

Chance Rencountre is 2-0 as a professional and 8-0 as an amateur. He fights next at First Council Casino Hotel, Oct. 12

Rules and ethics committee to propose new rules to entire Congress

The Flanagan South Pipeline will run through northeastern Oklahoma and end in Cushing, Okla.

Congress addresses misinformation concerning merit employment system; Select Committee of Inquiry hires attorney

Osage retailers upset with Fallins tax-rebate system: ‘we’re not children’