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Polls show favorites for the race to be Jim Ryan, Matthew Shunkamolah, Nicki Revard Lorenzo and John F. Maker

Why should the Osage People vote for you?

The seventh proposed amendment will limit the number of terms a person may serve as Chief of the Osage Nation to three terms. A situation we have not faced in over a half-century.

The Osage News asked the Osage 2012 candidates if they thought communication was something that needed to be improved within the Nation

As an Osage legislator, how would you vote if the Osage LLC asked for an appropriation of $1 million to $5 million to fund their operations or investments.

As an Osage legislator, how would you fund a response to assist Osages outside of the reservation that has been affected by a natural disaster? Or do you oppose?

Election Board rules forbid campaign sign placements on ON properties including Indian Villages

Do you think there should be more stringent criteria to receive an Osage scholarship?

I thought to myself “what in the world is ‘Buh?’ Do these Osages (and Kiowa) not know how to speak proper English?”