In accordance with the Osage News Election policy, the Osage News is allowing each candidate 500 words on leading up to the June 2010 election.

Candidate for Osage Nation Congress

And so it was that a child was born 2,009 years ago.

Let us not forget His birth, and let us not lose ourselves in the fray of this very special time. Light a candle in remembrance of our Savior Jesus Christ, give thanks to God for his precious gift and pray for peace on earth. It is then that the pressures of this season will turn to calm and it is then that you can give your best self to your family. The gift of self, your best self, is the most precious you’ll ever have to give. Be the radiant beam for your family this Christmas and the coming year by living the words of Jesus.

Resolve to be the best you can be. Give love with all of your heart and spread the joy of Christmas to all you see!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!