Minerals Council

Osage Minerals Council elects Everett Waller as Chairman

Newly elected Minerals Councilman Everett Waller was elected by the Third Osage Minerals Council to serve as chairman in its first meeting.

“My vision is to collectively take the things that are good from my former councils,” Waller said, speaking of his time served on the 30th Osage Tribal Council.

“We have to dedicate ourselves to sale leases and with these concessions we don’t have the acreage available like we used to – so I’m going to have to make sure the concessions are complimentary to what our shareholders need,” he said.

Waller said he doesn’t have time for petty arguments and declines to comment on the ban on Councilwoman Cynthia Boone from the office and staff.

The minerals council oversees the Osage Minerals Estate, which is roughly 1.47 million acres, and the council is accountable to Osage Shareholders who own interest in the estate.

“As a product, I think with the Negotiated Rulemaking revisions coming through it will help us in our next step, that’s with the BIA,” Waller said. “As chairman, the relationship with Robin Phillips [new Osage Agency Superintendent] has been productive. That’s going to be vital for our shareholders.”

Waller said he’s excited to be working for the best interests of all shareholders.

“We have considerations for the smaller producers, we’re working on having events to educate them with the BIA what our requirements are going to be and how they can achieve those. The larger companies are already doing that,” he said. “I feel like they should all be held to the highest standards of producing our oil and gas, protecting our environment and keeping our cultural identity of the Osage.”