ON Congress ends special session on Day Five

After considering several legislative bills and resolutions, the Fourth Osage Nation Congress adjourned its seventh special session on July 17.

Those bills and resolutions passed by Congressional votes include:

ONCA 15-47 (sponsored by Congresswoman Shannon Edwards) – A bill to amend the law establishing the Nation’s commercial property fund, which collects lease revenues from Nation-owned commercial properties including the Tulsa Airpark.  

According to the bill, its purpose is to appropriate $391,160 from the commercial property fund into the Nation’s general fund. The bill passed unanimously.

ONCA 15-67 (Congresswoman Alice Buffalohead) – A supplemental appropriation bill to provide $5,178 to the Nation’s Division of Cultural Preservation, Arts and Heritage. According to the bill, the supplemental appropriation will fund salary/ wage increases for four Language Department workers who will take on extra duties in teaching the forthcoming Osage language immersion program. The supplemental appropriation covers the salaries for the remaining two-plus months in the 2015 fiscal year. The bill passed unanimously.

ONCA 15-68 (Congressman RJ Walker) – A FY 2015 supplemental appropriation bill to provide $43,000 to the Division of Governmental Operations. According to the Nation’s Tribal Land Development and Land Acquisition Department, $43,000 is the amount spent through June on maintenance and operation costs for the Oakley property, which is adjacent to the Nation-owned airpark and Osage Casino in north Tulsa.

TDLA Director Bruce Cass told Congress his office is in the process of repairing a primary water service line to occupied facilities at the property valued at $31,000 and other expenses cover portable toilets, utility bills and mowing services.

ONCA 15-69 (Congressman Ron Shaw) – A FY2015 supplemental appropriation bill for $49,000 in tribal funding to fund three clinical positions that will be added to the Pawhuska Indian Health Service Clinic as part of the IHS compact agreement also approved via Congressional resolution during the special session.

Health division leader Manon Tillman said the funding will cover three positions – a clinic manager, a compliance credentialing officer and one billing technician – which are expected to be filled before the 2016 fiscal year starts Oct. 1. “After this fiscal year, they will be in a different budget” with their salaries covered by IHS money when the compact funding agreement also starts Oct. 1, Shaw said.

The Congress also passed a resolution (ONCR 15-18 sponsored by Shaw) approving and authorizing the execution of the self-governance compact between the Nation and IHS for the compact.

Check back to for updates on legislation and bills considered during the special session.