2015 Tzi-Zho Session underway

The Fourth Osage Nation Congress is convening for its 2015 Tzi-Zho Session to consider the annual government operations budgets, legislative bills and resolutions and other matters brought forth for consideration.

Much of the fall Congressional session’s focus will be on the proposed 2016 fiscal year budgets for the Nation’s governmental operations and departments. The fiscal year starts Oct. 1 just days before the session ends its run on Oct. 5.

The proposed FY 2016 budget bills filed thus far include:

ONCA 15-78: Office of the Attorney General: $940, 616.

ONCA 15-79: Office of the Principal Chief: $1.7 million.

ONCA 15-80: ON Legislative Branch/ Congressional Office: $2.4 million.

ONCA 15-81: ON Judicial Branch: $394,071.

ONCA 15-82: Division of Land, Commerce and Public Safety: $11.3 million.

ONCA 15-83: Division of Health, Fitness and Wellness: $14.5 million.

ONCA 15-84: Governmental Operations Division: $19.8 million.

ONCA 15-85: Division of Education and Early Childhood Services: $9.7 million.

ONCA 15-86: Division of Cultural Preservation, Arts, Heritage and Language: $3.1 million.

ONCA 15-87: Division of Child, Family and Senior Community Services: $4.5 million.

ONCA 15-88: ON Boards, Commissions, Authorities and Utilities: $1 million

The Congress set the 2016 fiscal year projected revenue amount at $43,775,000 during its spring Hun-Kah Session. The projected revenue figure is crucial to the ON budget process because the Congress cannot pass budgets exceeding that amount, per the Osage Constitution. The $43.7 million figure is just under the FY 2015’s projected revenue amount by $294,000.

ON Congressional committees will meet as needed throughout the session to initially consider bills, budgets, resolutions and other matters brought to the legislative branch’s attention, which include confirming people who are appointed to the Nation’s boards/ commissions.

For more information on the session, committee meetings and filed legislation, visit the ON Congressional website at:

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