ON Congress to consider board and commission appointees during Tzi-Zho Session

The Fourth Osage Nation Congress will consider several individuals for confirmation to several vacancies on the Nation’s boards and commissions during the 2015 Tzi-Zho Session.

In accordance with the ON Constitution, Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear appointed the individuals to the respective boards/ commissions, which are then subject to consideration and confirmation by the 12-member Congress.

Those board/ commission appointees being considered thus far are:

  • Jeanine Logan and Justin Mays for the Gaming Enterprise Board. Last year, Standing Bear appointed Logan, a former ON Supreme Court Associate Justice, to the Gaming Commission, but she was later appointed to the gaming board when a vacancy opened.
  • Larraine Wilcox, appointee for the Gaming Commission.


During the spring Hun-Kah Session, the Congress passed a resolution to create a new LLC named “Tallgrass Economic Development, LLC.” Standing Bear is appointing current members of the Osage Limited Liability Company Board of Directors to serve on the new LLC, which are: Tim Tall Chief, Jim Parris, David Stewart, Raymond Hankins and Phillip Morrow.

The Congressional Commerce and Economic Development Committee initially considered the appointees on Sept. 9 and they will face a Congressional vote for confirmation at a later date during the Tzi-Zho Session.