More legislative bills and resolutions filed by ON Congress members

On Day 2 of the Hun-Kah Session, Osage Nation Congress members filed more legislation that will be considered during the annual spring legislative session.

Other legislative bills and resolutions now filed with the Congressional office include:

ONCA 17-39 (sponsored by Congresswoman Shannon Edwards) is an act to appropriate $26,200 to the Legislative Branch for costs to publish the Osage Nation law code. If passed, the funding would come out of the Nation’s general fund in the Treasury, according to the bill.

ONCA 17-40 (Edwards) is an act to establish a Museum Collection Fund for construction, storage and maintenance of Osage Nation Museum gallery and collection pieces. According to the bill, the fund will comprise funding appropriated by Congress and monetary donations from any person, organization, group, corporation or association. The Congress will match all monetary donations to the fund on an annual basis subject to the availability of funds in the Nation’s Treasury.

ONCA 17-43 (Edwards) is an act to authorize and appropriate $2.5 million to the Museum Collection Fund proposed in ONCA 17-40. If passed, the bill states the funding would come from the Nation’s Retained Revenue Fund.

ONCA 17-41 (Edwards) is an act to establish land use and zoning in Osage law.

ONCA 17-42 (Edwards) is an act to establish the official holidays of the Osage Nation in tribal law.

ONCA 17-32 (Alice Buffalohead) is an act to impose civil fines on people banned from Osage Casinos when they violate the ban by reappearing on casino property.

ONCR 17-13 (John Maker) is a resolution to ask Osage voters a Constitutional amendment question of whether there should be term limits for ON Congressional members. The proposed amendment language states: “A person elected to (Congress) shall be limited to four full consecutive terms in office plus any initial partial term fulfilled as the result of a vacancy.” The proposed amendment also calls for a two-year mandatory leave from the Congress after the initial four terms before a person is eligible for four more full consecutive terms in office.   

ONCR 17-14 (Ron Shaw) is a resolution to authorize and approve execution of a contract for treatment services or other integrated services with the State of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and to authorize a limited waiver of sovereign immunity from suit and consent to jurisdiction.

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