Congress to consider several individuals for confirmations to ON boards

During the 2017 Hun-Kah Session, the Fifth Osage Nation Congress will consider several appointees for confirmation to various boards and commissions.

Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt announced names of individuals appointed by Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear during the March 29 session. Those individuals and designated board assignments are:

- Michael Moore, the current chairman of the Health Authority Board, is being reconsidered for another term. Fellow board member Nancy Keil was also reappointed to the Health Authority Board.

- Carla Brown is an appointee for the Nation’s Home Health Board.

- Current Grayhorse Village Committee members George Pease and Judy Johnson are also being considered for reappointment to the Five-Man Board. The Principal Chief appoints Grayhorse village committee members, but Hominy and Pawhuska village residents elect their respective village committee members.

- Shannon Lockett and Terry Hazen are being considered for reappointment to the Election Board.

- Current Gaming Enterprise Board Chairman and former ON Congressman Mark Simms is being reconsidered for appointment to the five-member board.

- Randy Standridge, Anthony Webb and former ON Congressman Eddy Red Eagle Jr. are all being considered for reappointment to the ON Energy Services (ONES) LLC Board.

- Mike Wellner, Gary Burd and current Chairman Paul Bemore are being considered for the Utility Authority Board.

- Osage News Editorial Board Chairwoman Jerri Jean Branstetter is also subject to confirmation. Per the Nation’s Free Press Act, two board members (one selected by the Principal Chief and the other selected by the ON Congress) pick the third board member. Board members Lu King and Teresa Trumbly Lamsam voted to reappoint Branstetter, a former Congressional Speaker, to the board during the most recent Editorial Board meeting.

Pratt assigned the appointees to be subject for initial consideration by the respective Congressional committees before they are considered for a confirmation vote by the 12-member Congress. Those committees will consider the individuals’ professional experience to determine whether they are qualified to sit on the respective boards, per Congressional rules.

For more information on filed legislation, session and Congressional committee meetings, visit the Legislative Branch website at: