AmeriCorps opens greenhouse in Senior Housing complex in Pawhuska

There is a new greenhouse in the Osage Senior Housing complex and its open for all Osage elders.

It is open to all Osage senior citizens to grow herbs, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The Grand Opening of the greenhouse was on March 30, where approximately 50 people attended throughout the day. Visitors of the greenhouse received plants donated by the Osage Nation Aquaponics, such as pepper plants and tomato plants. Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn donated rosemary from his personal herb garden that could also be taken home.  

"The goal of the greenhouse is to provide a healthy activity to the Osage Senior citizens living in the senior housing, and those who do not but reside in the surrounding area," said AmeriCorps acting Director Kimberly Cass. "I would like to see elders utilize the greenhouse and plant vegetables and fruits, or whatever they want, put their name on it and maintain their plants."

The greenhouse is climate controlled at between 89-93 degrees and cooled with a water cooler. The plants inside are regularly watered, groomed, re-potted and shifted around to allow for best growth abilities.

Plans are being formed to include a flower garden outside of the greenhouse using flowers being grown inside.

"We have herbs and cactus, a variety of flowers. Fruits, such as strawberries, and vegetables growing in the greenhouse," said AmeriCorps worker Jo West. "People should know of all the different things they could use herbs for other than just cooking, such as make facial creams, lotions, soaps. The greenhouse is such an excellent activity for elders to participate in. I hope everyone utilizes the greenhouse and what it all has to offer."

AmeriCorps would like to extend an invitation that if anyone would like to donate pots, soil, compost, plants, seeds, all are welcomed to do so, Cass said.

Classes on gardening and working with herbs are currently being planned and Cass said to be watching for classes very soon.

For more information on the greenhouse in the Senior Housing complex, please contact Kimberly Cass at (918) 287-5367.