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Election Office: Nearly 900 Osage voters need to update addresses

The Osage Nation Election Office is asking Osage voters to update their addresses to receive upcoming election information especially absentee ballots if not voting in-person.

For example, there are nearly 900 Osages who are eligible to vote in this year’s June 4 general election, but the Election Office has no mailing addresses on file for those voters. The Election Office posted a 22-page list of eligible voters without valid addresses on its website and is asking voters to update their contact information if their name is on the list.   

The list of voters without addresses can be viewed at:

“If you see yourself on this list, please contact the Election Office at 1-877-560-5286 to find out how to correct your address. If you see someone you know on this list, please have them contact the Election Office,” the ON Election Office wrote on its Facebook page.

Election Supervisor Alexis Rencountre said the office plans to mail an election notice to eligible voters (which states pertinent election information) at least 45 before the election. “An election notice shall be mailed to each qualified voter at his or her last deliverable address. The election notice shall set the time, date, and place or places the election will be held, the qualifications required to vote, information on obtaining absentee ballots, a sample ballot and clearly set forth all methods by which a voter may obtain assistance by voting,” according to the Nation’s election code.

The deadline is April 20 for voters to submit absentee ballot request forms to vote in this year’s election. Qualified voters are enrolled Osages who are 18 years old whose name is found on the Osage voter registry, the election code states.

According to the ON Membership, there are 15,467 Osages who are age 18 and over as of March 23. After the absentee ballot request deadline, Rencountre said the office will begin mailing out those requested absentee ballots on April 30.

The ON Election Office website also contains other forms and information on the 2018 election including address update forms, absentee ballot request forms and information on the privacy program regarding voter information listed on the voter registry list. The website is at: