Margo Gray announces her candidacy for Osage Minerals Council

By Margo Gray

Ha.we Osage Shareholders,

My name is Margo Gray and I am an Osage Shareholder who desires to represent you on the Osage Mineral Council.  My background consists of 18 years in Law Enforcement and I’m currently in my 20th year of private business. Since 1998, I have built two businesses, one in the civil engineering field and one in strategic business consulting, Margo Gray and Associates. MGA was developed out of the need to build and connect Corporate America and Native American owned businesses and tribal enterprises and governments.

We have accomplishments in introducing, educating and strong emphasis in marketing and cultivating the business relationships in corporate America into Indian Country for monetary success. In order to make the next step of getting together with the best and brightest minds in the petroleum industry you need someone who can open those doors.

Communication + Strategies + Vision

My experience in business development and marketing are strong; and an essential skill for the Osage Minerals Council success.  To take us in this direction we need strategic relationships to gain access to new technologies to monetize our plan, which means working with the BIA and the federal government to streamline and simplifying the permitting process for successful outcomes.  I can work to not only replicate but improve on successful tribal oil and gas models right here in the Osage.

Our Osage oil and gas reserves can be and should be utilized to develop companies/operations that establishes two things maximize and monetize the benefits directly to the Osage Shareholders, which means to increase your quarterly check, we must carve out a part of the business for ourselves.  It is time to develop a long-term plan for growth of the oil and gas estate, on our own terms and to include many of our long-established relationships with producers and be business friendly. For instance, I recently discussed with the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development (OIEED) they advised they have monies available to hire engineers and provide feasibility studies. 

We need to evolve and negotiate the fair market prices for our oil and gas and not receive pennies on the dollar.  A recent presentation at the Osage Shareholders Association meeting on the Natural Gas report exposed that since 2012, we lost 56 million in potential revenue from natural gas sales.  This is not only shocking but unacceptable, as the saying goes “knowledge is power”.   This information urged me to run for a seat on the Mineral Council to bring my 20 plus years of experience in working with the BIA, Federal and State government, Corporate America and other Tribal Nations. 

Why you should vote for me?

In closing, I pledge to focus on several things: protect the Osage Mineral estate, maximize profits and be a vigilant watchdog over our oil and gas accounting. What I won’t do is spend my time fighting political spats long decided by federal law. Our mission is simple: protect the mineral estate and maximize profits.

Contact: 918-381-2759, , for groups GoTomeeting