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Groundbreaking scheduled May 29 for new Grayhorse Village community building

Osage Nation officials along with those in the Grayhorse District will celebrate the groundbreaking for a new village community building on May 29 at 10 a.m.

The planned larger community building will be constructed at the site of the current one next to the dance arbor in the village. Plans call for the building to measure 10,000 square feet, which will seat approximately 330 people for meals and other cultural events held in the community building, according to a presentation at a January Grayhorse Village Committee meeting.

Osage Nation officials announced the planned groundbreaking ceremony just weeks ahead of the annual Inlonshka dances held each June in the three Osage districts.

Following the 2019 Grayhorse Inlonshka (June 6-9), the current building will be demolished for the new building’s construction to begin.

Village residents and committee members have voiced over the recent years a new community building is needed to replace the current one, which has roof damage caused by severe storms.

Like in the other two districts, the Grayhorse Community Building is the village’s multipurpose venue for special events including holiday and birthday parties, handgames and cultural dinners and meetings.

The new building plans also call for an underground drainage system to take rainwater around the building to drain downhill to address flooding issues. An above-ground water tank will also be constructed to accompany the new building’s fire sprinkler system as part of meeting current fire code standards.

The ON Congress passed two appropriation bills totaling nearly $3 million for construction and design costs with the second one passing in September 2018 to appropriate additional money for constructing the building situated on a hill, to cover additional dirt work needed to support the larger structure.