Osage Nation Ranch sells spring calves

Osage Nation Ranch spring calves are prepared to be transferred to their new buyers at the ranch on Oct. 28. CODY HAMMER/Osage News

Following the success of the fall calf sale with South Coffeyville Stockyards (SCSY), the Osage Nation Ranch spring calves were offered through a live auction video sale at the stockyards on Oct. 5. Leading up to the sale, SCSY representative Tylen Layton said in a meeting with the ONR board of directors that the previous buyers had reached out to ask when the next set of Osage Nation Ranch calves would be available.

“They were very happy with the set they got this summer,” Layton said. “Of course, there are other buyers who are interested because of the quality.”

According to former ONR Board Chairman Galen Crum, there was active bidding the night of the auction, especially on the smaller steers. The ranch offered calves in a heavier (600lbs) and a lighter (500lbs) set of both steers and heifers.

Those calves were transferred to the buyers over three days between Oct. 26-28. A total of 1,088 calves were delivered with an $884 per head average. The final payout to the ranch after expenses such as commission and beef check-off came to $961,696.42.

“We’ve put together a set of cattle that people really search out,” Crum said in a recent report to the Osage LLC board of directors. “It’s something we take pride in.”

Osage Nation Ranch cattle are advertised as NHTC (Non-Hormone Treated Cattle), Age & Source verified, and Angus certified with IMI Global with a good vaccination health program.