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Osage News election rules for 2022

Candidates will begin filing for the 2022 Osage Nation General Election in December and voters will decide who they want to fill the seats of the offices for Principal Chief, Assistant Principal Chief, six members of Congress and the eight members of the Osage Minerals Council.

For those candidates who wish to announce their candidacies in the Osage News, we allow a 500-word announcement, along with a photo, free of charge after they have officially filed for office. The announcement will be published both online and in the newspaper edition of the Osage News. We do not edit candidate announcements or photos submitted.

For those candidates who want to advertise in the Osage News, please visit our website and view our advertising rates under the “Advertise” tab on the homepage. All advertisements must be prepaid. We accept cash, check, money order and credit cards.

According to the Osage News’ policies and procedures in covering elections:

-       News staff cannot attend, cover, post updates, post flyers or photos about Osage Nation Candidate announcement dinners on any Osage News social media or personal social media.

-       If News staff is related to the candidate, the staff member must recuse from news coverage during the election. This applies in the instance of first and second-degree relatives.

-       News staff will not fraternize with ON Candidates on Election Day at candidate camps. ON staff is only to visit candidate camps for purposes of newsgathering. News staff will not eat at ON candidate camps.

-       Candidates will not be allowed to post campaign videos, advertisements, election propaganda to Osage News social media accounts. The social media accounts will not be used for campaign purposes and any posted propaganda will be deleted.

“These rules may seem a bit excessive, but they have been formed over the years to ensure trust, fairness and accountability to the Osage public as we cover Osage elections,” said Shannon Shaw Duty, editor. “We will be hosting candidate debates and candidates will need to watch for that announcement.”

To check back for election updates, follow the Osage News on social media and Wahzhazhe Elections. For more information, please call (918) 287-5668.