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Content about Chief Jim Gray

July 20, 2010
Red Eagle will announce his administration before Aug. 4 inauguration. Red Eagle first full blood Osage Chief since Chief Paul Pitts
July 16, 2010
All employees received certificate of commendation and a red souvenir cup from the Gray administration
February 6, 2010
‘Additional agreement’ with third-party administrator caused delay in applications
December 17, 2009

Applications will be mailed to address on file with Nation’s CDIB office

December 15, 2009

Court’s ruling says lower trial court lacked jurisdiction to hear case on constitutionality of the Independent Press Act of 2008

November 13, 2009

The story of the Osage and the French actually begins in the 16th Century

October 1, 2009

Congress overrides the veto, expected to hold a special session later this month