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Content about Chief John Red Eagle

June 25, 2013

Osages must be 65 years and older. For more information contact the Osage Tax Commission at (918) 287-5393

The Osage Nation Tax Commission is now offering Elder Tags for Osages 65 years and older.

A law sponsored by Congresswoman Maria Whitehorn set up the program to waive annual registration tax, title fee and the cost of a non-personalized license plate for disabled veterans and Osage elders.

Principal Chief John Red Eagle signed the bill into law on April 9.

May 23, 2013

Phase II of remodel slated to be complete mid June

By the end of June, patrons of the Osage Nation Fitness Center will have new and bigger locker rooms, tanning rooms and a remodeled fitness room.

Phase II renovations at the fitness center are expected to be complete in mid-June.

July 19, 2012

City Council meeting with area tribal leaders to strengthen relationships

Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle was presented with a “Key to the City” by members of the Tulsa City Council July 17 as part of a series of meetings with area tribal leaders aimed at improving communication between the tribes and the City of Tulsa.

Tulsa councilors already met with Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Muscogee Creek Nation Principal Chief George Tiger. The meetings were open to the public.

May 4, 2012

Congress considers bill in wake of Executive Branch directives forbidding communication with the legislative body; Bill originally considered banishment as a penalty

There will now be a penalty for government officials who limit communications for employees between branches.

ONCA 12-64, filed by Congressman Geoffrey Standing Bear, adds a $5,000 penalty to the 2009 law titled the: “Speak what’s on Your Mind Act.” The bill is a response to two April 5 Executive Branch memorandums directing Osage Nation employees not to speak to the ON Congress.

December 13, 2011

Congressional legislation passed during the Tzi-Zho Session which expanded the Gaming Enterprise Board from three to five members

Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle has appointed two additional people to fill the remaining vacancies on the Nation’s Gaming Enterprise Board and Gaming Commission.

Nicole (Tallchief) Pratt (Osage) has been named to the Gaming Commission. She joins Doug Revard and Fred Beartrack who were named and confirmed to the gaming commission in May.

July 12, 2011

Former Congresswoman was appointed to Executive Branch position last year

Faren Revard Anderson is no longer Senior Adviser to Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle, according to the Executive Branch.

Anderson resigned from her post on Friday (July 8), said Chris White, executive director of governmental affairs for Chief Red Eagle’s office.

“The Chief accepted her resignation,” White said. He declined to elaborate on details regarding her departure.

April 8, 2011

Chief’s Office says idea still being studied; compacting clinic would allow the Nation more control of clinic’s finances, services

A target date of Oct. 1 for the Osage Nation to compact the Pawhuska Indian Health Service clinic is a suggestion from a retired Indian Health Service official. But the idea of signing a self-governance compact with IHS is still being explored, according to the Chief’s Office.

Compacting the clinic would allow the Nation to have more say in decisions regarding the facility’s finances and patient services.

March 16, 2011

Former ON Congressman Doug Revard and Fairfax native Fred Beartrack named for commission appointments

PrincipalChief John Red Eagle appointed two Osages to the Nation’s Gaming Commission and both are now subject to Congressional confirmations during the Hun-Kah Session, which starts Monday.

Fredrick Beartrack was appointed to the three-member Gaming Commission on March 14 and was sworn into his post the next day at the tribal courthouse in Pawhuska. Former ON Congressman Doug Revard was also selected for a commission seat and took oath on Feb. 28. Trial Court Judge Marvin Stepson administered the oath of office for both.

March 16, 2011

Red Eagle and Asst. Chief BigHorse meet with U.S. Solicitor General

Just a few days ago, Principal Chief John Red Eagle and Assistant Chief Scott BigHorse sat down with the U.S. Solicitor General and staff to tell them the history of the Osage people and its reservation.

“We told that story to [the Solicitor General and staff] and they were moved and they knew that when we walked out of that room, they knew that we had a reservation,” Red Eagle said in his March 11 State of the Nation address at the Wah Zha Zhi Cultural Center. “That a reservation exists here at this nation today, and it will continue to exist.”

March 11, 2011

Relations between OMC and Chief’s Office becoming strained after recent draft of MOU from the chief

The Osage Minerals Council might not be sending $50,000 to the plaintiffs in the Jech vs. United States case after all.

The case was recently recommended by a federal judge to be dismissed and at the March 10 OMC meeting it was revealed that the OMC never sent the money they promised to the plaintiffs in the case, which had some Osage shareholders upset.

March 7, 2011

The Northern California Osage are holding a Spring meeting in Petaluma, Calif., on April 30 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Principal Chief John Red Eagle and others from Oklahoma will be in attendance. More details to follow. For more information contact Forest Tracy at (925) 351-8585.



March 1, 2011

The Executive Branch sponsored bills sought changes to the merit system

The Second Osage Nation Congress unanimously killed two legislative bills seeking changes to the Nation’s merit-based employment system on Day One of the Sixth Special Session after they were fast tracked for that purpose.

The two bills in question, ONCA 11-20 and 11-21, were proposed by the Executive Branch and were sponsored by Congressman Eddy Red Eagle. Both bills, if passed, would have repealed ONCA 10-85, the law that was passed last Fall to establish a merit-based employment system.

February 25, 2011

Red Eagle: ‘I want to express my sincere appreciation for everyone’s concern and their prayers’

After undergoing a ‘small emergency surgery’ Feb. 24, Principal Chief John Red Eagle is back at work and feeling fine.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for everyone’s concern and their prayers after hearing that I had a medical problem. Perhaps I alarmed everyone unnecessarily,” Red Eagle said. “Thankfully, it was not serious and I returned to the office today. Again, I want to thank everyone for their prayers.”

February 18, 2011

The unsung heroes during the recent snowstorms made sure the streets were cleared, sidewalks were iced, emergencies were handled and the sick were treated


February 18, 2011

Seven items to be considered by Congress including supplemental appropriation bills and consideration of a merit-based employee system for the government

Seven items to be considered by Congress including supplemental appropriation bills and consideration of a merit-based employee system for the government

February 16, 2011

Bill would have revised rules for independent ON government entities during budget setting process, mandated employee salaries be merit-based

During its Fifth Special Session, the Second Osage Nation Congress passed a revised budget parameters act for the Nation, which sets guidelines for the Nation’s government entities to follow when planning their operational budgets. The updated bill contained revised rules pertaining to budgets of independent ON entities and would’ve mandated employee salaries be set by the merit-based employment system passed by Congress last year.

A merit-based employment system is mandated by the Osage Constitution as well.

February 8, 2011

Chief’s office submits final land-into-trust application for three Osage casinos in jeopardy if case should be denied

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices will meet in conference Feb. 18 to decide whether or not to hear the Nation’s case against the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Their decision will be made public Feb. 22.

If the High Court grants certiorari, or the right to hear the case based on merits, the Nation will proceed in a round of briefs, opinions and oral arguments to win the case. If the High Court denies the case then the 11-year battle is over.

January 30, 2011

Jones unanimously confirmed by Osage Congress Jan. 25

The Second Osage Nation Congress unanimously confirmed Jeff Jones as the Nation’s first Attorney General on Jan. 25 during the second day of its Fifth Special Session. Roughly two hours later the Chief’s Office e-mailed a statement that questioned the validity of Jones’s confirmation.

“While the Chief respects that the Congress may read the Constitution and legislation differently, he feels that the language in the Constitution is clear and that confirmation of appointments are to occur during the regular sessions,” according to the statement.

January 27, 2011

Red Eagle and Gray administrations made donations to state, federal office candidates, including two Osages

In the 2010 general election, the Osage Nation donated $27,700 to candidates who ran for public office, which included donations of $7,500 apiece to Republican and Democratic organizations, as well as equal amounts to selected candidates who ran against each other.

January 7, 2011

Entities met in Minerals chambers Jan. 5, details from meeting have yet to be released

The Osage Minerals Council, Chief John Red Eagle, Assistant Chief Scott BigHorse, Minerals Council liaison Everett Waller, Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent Melissa Currey and some oil producers all met in the OMC chambers Wednesday.

As to what the entities discussed at the meeting, took action on, or resolved is unknown. Minutes of the meeting have been requested, questions have been sent to the OMC, the Office of the Chiefs and BIA Superintendent Currey. Only the Office of the Chiefs has responded.

December 9, 2010

Speaking at the event will be Osage Congressman Eddy Red Eagle, Frederick F. Drummond and others.

More than a 100 invitations have gone out to local, county and state officials inviting them to the Osage Nation's Day of Reconciliation and Unity.

As promised, Chief John Red Eagle is hosting the day to restore unity between the Nation and its neighbors, according to a prepared release. Guest speakers and a meal at noon are on the agenda. The day begins at 10 a.m. at the Osage County Fairgrounds in Pawhuska.

December 2, 2010

Shunkamolah's interim appointment starts Dec. 13

Osage Nation Principal Chief John Red Eagle has named Matthew Shunkamolah as interim Gaming Commissioner for the tribe’s gaming enterprise.

Red Eagle made the announcement in a Dec. 2 executive message to the Second Osage Nation Congress and Speaker Jerri Jean Branstetter.

Shunkamolah’s gaming work experience includes serving as lead investigator and compliance officer for the Comanche Nation Gaming Commission in Lawton for a year, according to the tribe’s Web site.

December 2, 2010

Many Osage trust beneficiaries excluded from Cobell settlement

The historic Cobell case is coming to a close as the $3.4 billion settlement, approved by the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday, marks the end of a 14-year battle to obtain justice for more than 500,000 Native Americans whose Indian trust accounts were mismanaged by the Department of the Interior.

November 18, 2010

Jones must be confirmed by the Osage Nation Congress in the next session or next special session

Jeff Jones has been appointed as the first Attorney General of the Osage Nation. The Skiatook-based Osage attorney currently serves as First Assistant District Attorney for Oklahoma's DA District 10 which covers Osage and Pawnee counties.

"I met with Chief (John) Red Eagle and he said he was going to appoint me as the first Attorney General, so I'm excited to be the first Attorney General and get the office established," Jones told the Osage News Nov. 18.