Catherine “Cady Bear” Ware is in need of a Native American bone marrow donor. She has been diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia that causes her to have a low platelet count caused by her marrow failing to produce enough blood cells. Having already undergone exhaustive treatments, Cady’s family found out in October that something has changed in her body and she is now at high risk for bone marrow failure, said Carma Jensen, Cady’s mother. Cady is currently in the process of getting her name on the National Registry for a bone marrow transplant. There will be an Oklahoma Blood Institute Bone Marrow Drive at the Pawhuska Community Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dec. 22 and Cady’s parents are asking that Osages please spare 30 minutes of their day to be tested. It’s not hard, or painful. All the nurses will do is simply swab the inside of your cheek and it’s over. According to the Bigheart Times, because so few American Indians are on the marrow registry, 81 percent of Native Americans cannot find a match when they need one. (One-tenth of 1 percent of all donors are American Indians.) White people do better on the marrow registry: About 88 percent find a match. “Because Cady is Native American she will have to rely on Native American Indian donors because of the makeup of genetics of Native Americans,” Jensen said. “She will possibly need several matches to help her.” Cady is the six-year-old daughter of Charles “Frank” Ware III and Carma Jensen. Her paternal grandparents are the late Charles Ware II of Pawhuska, and Nancy Russell Graham of Hominy. Cady is of the Eagle Clan. Her maternal grandparents are Carl Jensen of Pawhuska and Mary Provost of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Catherine “Cady Bear” is of Osage, Oglala Sioux, Seneca-Cayuga and Cherokee decent. She has two brothers and two sisters. “The family would like to thank you for reading this article and we encourage you to come out and get swabbed and register for the Be The Match registry to possibly help Cady and others waiting on the list for a donor,” Jensen said. For more information call (918) 688-9471.


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