John F. Maker announces his candidacy for the Fifth Osage Nation Congress

I am John F. Maker, and I am running for re-election for the 5th Osage Nation Congress. I ask for your vote.

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have lived in Hominy, Oklahoma, for most of my life. My great-grandfather was Tah-Hah-Ga-He, which means Deer Horn Maker. My grandfather was Ross Maker, and my parents were the late Lloyd Maker and the beautiful Virginia (Harding) Maker. I am ¾ Osage, a member of the Deer Clan, and I belong to the Zon-Zo-Li district.

After graduating from Hominy High school, I attended Haskell University. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, and I was selected to go to the U.S. Army instructor school at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Then, I was assigned a two-year overseas tour in Germany. After serving overseas, I completed my military service at Ft. Hood, Texas. I came home and attended Bacone College where I received an associate degree in Native American Studies. Currently, I am working towards a business degree.

Today, powerful forces are challenging our world and our Sovereignty. Wind turbines, water rights, and outside business expansions are just a few. Following are some examples of how I have been representing you:

Hominy was having some problems with their drinking water. Fearing a potential health crisis and water contamination I worked hard with the officials at the Hominy Water Treatment Facility to correct this problem. I presented ONCA 14-12 for a $75,000 one-time contribution to the City of Hominy for water treatment improvements. This bill passed.

Eagles love our sacred Osage land; unfortunately, unenlightened people want to harm them. I presented ONCA 15-30, the Osage Nation Eagle Protection Act, so that eagles could not be taken (shot, killed, trapped, transported, and more) within the jurisdiction of the Osage Nation. This bill passed.

Our Osage ways are important to us, and we look to our ancestors for guidance, strength, and wisdom. Unfortunately, many of our families had been unable to visit or care for the graves of their ancestors because the land they were buried on was no longer Osage land. In my heart, I knew this was not right. I presented ONCA 15-75 to protect these graves and allow the families to visit them. This bill passed.

There are those people, companies, and governmental agencies who would take away what we value as a nation. Re-elect me as your congressman, and I will create the legislation that will keep you and your interests safe. Let’s create new job opportunities. Let’s diversify our economic network. Let’s create a financial institution. Let’s protect our Sovereignty. Let’s set congressional term limits. Let’s protect our Osage language, culture, and minerals estate.

Moreover, I will continue to support the benefits for healthcare and education, and I will seek out and support future opportunities that will benefit the Osage people in all parts of the country.

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