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ON officials celebrate completion of the Hominy Wellness Center

HOMINY, Okla. – The Osage Nation celebrated the completion of the new upgraded Wellness Center here for the Hominy community to use for fitness training and other health services to remain healthy and physically active.

On May 24, the Nation’s government officials and Hominy community members gathered for a ribbon-cutting celebration on the 4,490 square-foot Hominy Wellness Center located at 1105 S. Eastern (State Highway 99).

In a statement, Hank Powell, supervisor for the Nation’s three fitness and wellness centers, said: “This Wellness Center will feature a more functional fitness approach rather than commercial fitness, including an exam room for clinical purposes; a diabetic foot clinic area; and multi-use fitness room used for classes.”

Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn spoke on behalf of Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear who couldn’t attend the event. Other ON officials – including those from the Hominy District – attended including Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt and Congress members Maria Whitehorn, Alice Goodfox, William “Kugee” Supernaw and John Maker.

The Hominy Wellness Center received its construction funding from an $800,000 federal grant and a $250,000 matching appropriation bill sponsored by Supernaw and approved by the Congress. Officials broke ground on the facility in November 2017. 

Red Corn applauded the facility’s completion and said: “I’m really happy for Hominy to get a facility like this that’s state-of-the-art for us to take care of activities here, but most importantly, this is where we prevent diabetes, this is where we prevent osteoporosis, this is where we prevent heart disease, this is where we put our dollars to work and make our people healthier and give them opportunities to get healthy and stay healthy. I’m proud of this.”

Referring to the building’s purple-colored interior tri, Red Corn quipped: “Being from Pawhuska, I’m not so sure about the color scheme, but Speaker Pratt told me it’s good, I’m going to take her word on that … This is what happens when the Executive Branch, the people in it, and the Congress and community members get together and decide a community needs a facility like this.”

Pratt, a Hominy High School alum, called the occasion “a very exciting day for us, this is a great thing for our community – and purple is a great thing – so I always made sure to wear purple when I can, for sure on Fridays. I am really proud of this facility, I feel like it’s gone (up) quickly, in moving forward with the Fairfax facility, this is a place of wellness for us and that’s what we strive for at the Osage Nation, that’s a goal we have together in all the branches.”

The ON Grants Department successfully applied for the grant and wrote to HUD justifying the need for the new Wellness Center, the release stated. “The current facility (at the ON Industrial Park north of downtown) is too small and not cost-effective … Providing Hominy area residents with a year-round, climate-controlled location that is nearby to learn about healthy lifestyles and participate in physical activities gives them the opportunity to improve their health.”

The Hominy Wellness Center is open weekdays 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. For more information, call (918) 287-5281 or go online to