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Assistant Chief Raymond Red Corn buys Grayhorse School at auction

Photo caption: The Works Progress Administration constructed the Grayhorse School in 1939 for the Grayhorse community. Pictured is the current state of the gymnasium of the school. Courtesy Photo/Raymond Red Corn

Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear announced during his opening address of the 4th Special Session that Assistant Principal Chief Raymond Red Corn has bought the Grayhorse School for $1,775.

Red Corn decided to buy the two-acre property after learning it was coming up for auction for delinquent taxes. The Executive Branch did not have available funds for the purchase at the time of the auction on June 10 and Red Corn bought the property at his own risk, Standing Bear said. The school adjoins the Grayhorse Village on the west side.

"Assistant Chief Red Corn has stated to me that if the requisite number of Congresspersons choose to place this on the call and affirmative action is taken by Congress to purchase the property for $1,775, he will sell the property for that amount," Standing Bear said. "If the Congress chooses not to authorize and/or not to fund the purchase of the property, Assistant Chief Red Corn will keep the property as the owner."

Standing Bear ended his address with a request for the Congress to consider the appropriation for the purchase of the school for the Nation.

According to the Oklahoma Historical Society, the Works Progress Administration constructed the school in 1939 for the Grayhorse community. The school had four classrooms, a large gymnasium and operated through 1963.