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Grayhorse Village Committee hears update on community building, approves broadband tower site

GRAYHORSE VILLAGE, Okla. – Amid recent heavy rains, construction on the new village community building here is continuing and could be completed as early as April 2020.

On Oct. 23, the Grayhorse Village Committee held a meeting and heard a construction update on the building, which is being constructed on the same spot where the former community building stood before it was razed after the 2019 Inlonshka dances.

Construction crews have leveled the dirt for the building and its steel structure framing is now standing at the site next to the Grayhorse dance arbor.

Mike Agee, project manager with Builders Unlimited Inc., told the committee that construction delays occurred due to the wet weather. Osage Nation officials and the Village Committee held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new building on May 29.

For the building’s aesthetics, Agee said stone will be used which matches the dance arbor.

Agee said the building completion is slated for early-to-mid April to allow time for the Village Committee to do remaining work for the building to be ready for the Inlonshka dances in June.   

This is the second ON community building project Agee has worked on with the first being the Hominy Village community building, which was completed in time for the 2018 Inlonshka dances. Several of the contractors working at Grayhorse are the same ones who worked on the Hominy building when it was completed, Agee said.

George Pease, Grayhorse Village Committee chairman, said he’s driven by the construction site as the contractors worked and said he is impressed by their professional demeanor and attitudes.

Also at the meeting, the Village Committee passed a resolution to approve the sites for the Grayhorse broadband tower and computer room. Committee members present were Pease, Charles “Chuck” Tillman, Judy Johnson and Carol Kliesen.

Talee Redcorn, project manager for the Nation’s Tribal Development and Land Acquisition Department, provided the written resolution with the legal descriptions for the tower and computer room locations.

The broadband tower and computer room project is part of the USDA grant awarded to Osage Innovative Solutions, which is under Osage LLC, to provide broadband internet to the rural area, according to the resolution. The grant also includes a computer room for residents to access the internet and will be situated in a mobile home, Redcorn told the committee.

Redcorn said the computer room will be located north of the village chapel next to the chapel parking lot.

The broadband tower’s proposed site is by the old Grayhorse school building at the corner of the village, Redcorn said, adding the location was selected for its close proximity to the county road for the broadband fiber path.