Osage Casinos wins 11 awards from Casino Player Magazine

TULSA, OKLA. - Osage Casinos received 11 awards from Casino Player Magazine, with five first-place finishes for Comps, Dealers, Video Slots, Blackjack and Casino Where You Feel Luckiest.

“We work hard to deliver top-notch gaming and entertainment to our guests, and it’s an honor to be recognized by Casino Player Magazine,” said Byron Bighorse, CEO of Osage Casinos in a prepared release. “This is an industry that demands the best. I commend our employees for continuing to make customer service a top priority followed by proving unique entertainment opportunities to each guest. In fact, we have some very exciting news that will come out later this year.”  

Casino Player Magazine hosts an annual Best of Gaming awards, where readers, gamblers and casinos across the country have the opportunity to share their views and nominate their favorite casino properties to be the best of the best in their region. 

Oklahoma is home to tribal gaming and its roots are in Class II gaming, which are electronic bingo games. Thirty-three tribes operate more than 100 casinos in the state.

Osage Casinos & Hotels has seven locations across Osage County and was honored by the entertainment magazine’s readership with titles ranging from Best Dealers to Best VIP services, according to the release. 

The Best of Gaming awards are a voter-driven initiative where the readers of Casino Player Magazine elect their favorite casinos on categories from Best Overall Gambling Resort to Best Slots. The votes continue to shape the gaming industry, according to the release. 

“We want to thank all of our loyal customers as well as Casino Player magazine for the recognition,” Bighorse said.  

To see a full list of winners, click here.

The following are the awards Osage Casinos received:  

First Place Wins  

Best Comps 
Best Dealers 
Best Video Slots 
Best Blackjack 
Casino Where You Feel Luckiest     

Second Place Wins  

Best Players Club 
Best VIP Services 
Best Hosts 
Best Table Games     

Third Place Wins  

Best Promotions 
Best Slot Tournaments   

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