Osage Nation Congress to meet for Feb. 2 special session

On Tuesday, Feb. 2, the Seventh Osage Nation Congress will convene for its sixth special session starting at 10 a.m.

Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear issued a Jan. 14 executive proclamation calling for the special session. According to the proclamation, the Congress is slated to consider one item, which is an appropriation to the Nation’s Property Improvement Fund.

According to Osage law on Congressional special sessions, once the proclamation is filed with the Clerk of Congress, it may only be amended up to 72 hours before the first day of the special session. After the special session's start, the proclamation may only be amended by an affirmative vote of consent by two-thirds of the Congress members. Notice of the vote on amending the proclamation must be provided to the members two business days in advance of the vote.

In preparation for special sessions, Osage law states: Any legislation to be proposed pursuant to a special session proclamation must be filed in proper form with the Clerk of the Congress three business days prior to the first day of the proposed Special Session. The information required to support the legislation and legislate the subject(s) listed on the proclamation of the Principal Chief or the Congressional Speaker shall be filed with the Clerk of the Congress at least five business days before the first day of the Special Session.

According to the Osage Constitution, a special session may be called by the Principal Chief (via executive proclamation) or by a legislative proclamation with a written request by two-thirds of Congress members.

Special sessions may last up to 10 days and may be extended up to three additional days at the written request of two-thirds of Congress members.

For more Congressional information and to view filed legislative bills/ resolutions, visit the Legislative Branch website at: