Congressional Speaker Pratt delivers report before 2021 Hun-Kah Session adjourned

Photo caption: Osage Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt speaks during the Hun-Kah session on March 29, 2021. CODY HAMMER/Osage News

Osage Nation Congressional Speaker Angela Pratt delivered a 2021 Hun-Kah Session report before the regular spring legislative session adjourned on April 27.

The Seventh ON Congress extended the 24-day session by one day to continue considering and voting on filed bills and resolutions.

Pratt reported the following numbers in front of her Congressional colleagues, which were compiled with the assistance of Congressional office staff.

“For legislation, there were 48 bills considered, 19 of them passed, two failed and 25 are still in committee,” Pratt said. “There were 12 resolutions considered, five passed, zero failed and three are still in committee. There were 51 scheduled committee meetings plus engrossment meetings held, we were in session for 20 meetings.”

As for appropriation bills passed during the session, Pratt reported:

-        $50,000 supplemental appropriation for the Nation’s Financial Assistance Department for crisis assistance to finish out the 2021 fiscal year (ONCA 21-36 sponsored by Congresswoman Alice Goodfox)

-        $1.7 million appropriation for the Pawhuska Village chapel project (ONCA 21-42 sponsored by Congresswoman Paula Stabler).

-        $5.7 million appropriation for the new Wakon Iron community-building project also in the Pawhuska Village (ONCA 21-43 also sponsored by Stabler).

-        $5.5 million to replenish the Nation’s permanent fund, which was accessed last year when the Sixth ON Congress approved using the rainy-day funding to continue government operations after the COVID-19 pandemic reached Oklahoma, prompting a nearly two-month closure of all seven Osage Casinos (ONCA 21-44 sponsored by Second Speaker Jodie Revard).

-        $30,000 to the Hominy Village for audio/ visual equipment (ONCA 21-46 sponsored by Congressman Billy Keene).

-        $400,000 to the Skyway36 hangar improvement projects at the Nation-owned airpark in north Tulsa (ONCA 21-33 sponsored by Congresswoman Pam Shaw).

-        $250,000 to the Grayhorse Village for cemetery gate and fencing costs (ONCA 21-45 sponsored by Congressman Joe Tillman).

-        $500,000 supplemental to the Osage Minerals Council for professional fee costs (ONCA 21-47 sponsored by Revard).

-        $350,000 to ON Real Estate Services for land acquisition costs (ONCA 21-48 sponsored by Pratt).

-        $50,000 contribution to the Francois Chouteau and Native American Heritage Fountain project in Kansas City (ONCA 21-34 sponsored by Congressman John Maker). 

-        $1,000 for a framed portrait of the late OMC Chairman Andrew Yates who passed in February (ONCA 21-39 sponsored by Goodfox).

Pratt said the approved appropriations total $14,668,784 and there is $2.4 million remaining available for future appropriations this fiscal year.

Pratt also acknowledged and thanked the Congressional staff including Legal Counsel Loyed “Trey” Gill, Congressional Clerk Shana Robedeaux, Budget Analyst Jordan Fraser, Sergeant-at-Arms Lou Brock and recently hired employees Assistant Clerk Kaitlin Garcia and Chief Audit Officer Ross Novak. Pratt also praised ON Communications employee Skyler Ammons who operates the A/V and computer equipment for live streaming the Congress sessions.

“I really thank you all to help keep us moving (and to) Congress: a job well done, I appreciate all of your work and collaboration,” Pratt said in her closing remarks. “It’s been hard on us, on our families, I just wanted to say bless your families and bless you all. It’s been a rough year in trying to make it through all of this and tough on our community and I appreciate everyone’s efforts to work through (the) very unprecedented times that we live in and to be able to still take care of our families and keep going and be strong for our people.”

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